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Allegany & Garrett Counties (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 1 and 2

Allegany & Garrett Counties Legislative Districts 1 and 2
Anyone interested in being the Point of Contact for this district please contact the ABATE of Maryland, Inc Office and leave your name phone number and best time to contact you.


Anne Arundel County (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 27, 30, 31, 32, and 33

Third Thursday each month at 7:00 pm
Bayside Surf-N-Turf, 8557 Ft. Smallwood Rd. Pasadena, Md 21122; 410255-7255
ALL motorcyclists welcome

Director: Gary Kiser 443-742-5577 rgk@kssi.biz
Assistant Director: Mike Dunay 410-808-1906
Legislative: Pat Corcoran 410-935-7187 Rebel_rider69@hotmail.com
Secretary: Bill Drabic 410-215-0792 or 410-215-5507
Treasurer: Annie Sanford 410-760-8677 MMSAnn@aol.com


Baltimore City & County/Harford County (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46

2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M., O'HARA'S Irish Pub 6506 Belair Road, Baltimore.  O'HARA'S is located at the corner of Belair Rd & Kenwood Ave, south from the Beltway.  ABATE represents ALL motorcyclists, no matter what brand you ride.  Let's hear your opinions on the future direction of motorcycling in Maryland.

Director: Wil Crum 410-780-9342 Home 443-996-3262 Cell wmcrum@verizon.net
Assistant Director: Director Richard Bernard 410-557-6813 ella.m.bernard@saic.com
Legislative Representative Steve Strohmier 410-627-4731 woodbuchr@comcast.net
Assistant Legislative Representative: Bob Brittingham 410-446-1380 rbritt.112352@yahoo.com
Secretary/Membership: Michelle Crum 410-780-9342 Home Membership 443-540-1127 Cell mcrum@primeretail.com
Treasurer: Ella Bernard 410-557-6813 ella.m.bernard@saic.com

Calvert County (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 27 and 29

3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.
Adams Ribs on Rt. 4, 1 1/2 miles south of Prince Frederick.

Director: Gordie Porritt 410-414-7155 gaplives@yahoo.com
Assistant Director: Bob Spanburgh 410-586-2267
Secretary/Treasurer: Renee Ackerson 410-286-3990 / cell: 443-532-0674; e-mail: bigdaddyack61@aol.com
Legislative: Dean Howes; 410-987-6287
Membership: Kim Johnson 410-535-1078 mercedesrules@aol.com
Events: Jeanine Haran 410-286-3147 Haranj@ndu.edu
Newsletter/PR: Gary Waugh; 301-855-2988; e-mail: garyw@protubntile.com
Lead Road Captain: Danny Goff


Carroll County (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 4 and 5

Regular Chapter Meeting: 1st Wednesday of every month 7:30 pm at the American Legion Post 223 located at 7327 Slacks Rd, Sykesville, MD 21784-5982, Phone 410-795-7242.

Directions from MD-26 & MD-32:
SYKESVILLE RD [MD-32 South] - go 2.9 mi
Turn left on RAINCLIFFE RD - go 1.2 mi
Turn left on SLACKS RD - go 0.4 mi

Director:  Michelle Holcomb, hdwmn@hotmail.com, 443-398-1567
Secretary:  Kim Chilcoat, Chilcoatmkc@aol.com, 410-861-7829
Treasurer/Products: Sandy Hohne SandyHohne@mindless.com
Membership:  Brian Walker Walkerbacamd2004@yahoo.com
Legislative:  Brian Boates ultra_runningman@yahoo.com
Products only: Paulette Fernekees 410-386-6155 croakems@yahoo.com
Events Director: Mike Chilcoat chilcoatmkc@aol.com
Assistant Events: Tim Clarke 443-744-1617 Squid126@yahoo.com
Newsletter/Public Relations: Chuck Bologna 410-861-7205 chuck200@comcast.net
Sergeant At Arms: Dale Bush, Orville Green
Road Captain: Ricky Franklin 443-255-7176

Charles County (Updated 30-Sep-2007)
Legislative District 28

Meetings are the third Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at Whitneys store at 2218 Old Washington Rd. in Waldorf in the Keno room.

Director:  Steve "Rigger" Sanner, 301-888-2568, e-mail: riggerandrider@yahoo  
Assistant Director: Billy Trass 301-870-7073
Events: Elwood "Willie" Good
Membership: Roland "Ronnie" Sanner
Public Relations: William "Billy/Crash" Wenk
Sergeant-at-Arms: Thomas "Dink" Hamilton

Frederick County (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 3 and 4

First Wednesday each month, 7:00 pm

Dale’s Place
12841 Catoctin Furnace Rd (MD Rt. 806)
Thurmont, MD

Director: Pat Mullen
Assistant Director: Eric Montgomery
Events Coordinators: Joe Birch

Web Site:  http://www.abate-of-maryland-frederick.org

Howard County (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 13 and 14

Chapter meets the 1st SATURDAY of every month at 10am at Precision Cycle Works in Beltsville off of Powder Mill Rd. Coffee and doughnuts provided!!

Director:  Charley Buckley (301) 604-6596, e-mail: harley_charley@yahoo.com
Assistant Director:  Jeff Jones 301-604-6922, MartySnarf@hotmail.com 
Legislative: Lynn Oldenburg 301-854-2130, 301-854-0891, sylvanlynn@verizon.net 


Lower Eastern Shore Chapters (Somerset, Wicomico Counties)  (Updated 30-Sep-2007)
Legislative Districts 37 and 38

First Sunday of each month at Hoops at 2213 Northwood Drive Salisbury, MD 21801 at 12:30 PM.

Director: Linda Wainer 410-749-2674, email: pjnlinda@yahoo.com
Assistant Director: Jeannie Adkins 410-543-0907, email: mrsbigjohnadkins@hotmail.com
Treasurer: Jeannie Adkins
Secretary:  Ben Chesdeline; email: salshore@aol.com
Events: Ben Chesdeline
Legislative Dean “Dino” Brittingham 410-835-2415
Chaplain: William Kelley
Public Relations: PJ Wainer
Sergeant at Arms: Bob Mitschke, Big John Adkins
Road Captain Guardian Angel: Eddie Sinclair Guides us from above

Mid Shore Chapters
(Caroline, Dorchester Talbot, Queen Anne Counties) (
Updated 24
Legislative District 36 and  37

2nd Thursday each month, 7:30 pm, Easton VFW, Easton, MD, Glebe Road (behind the Super Fresh).

Web Site: http://www.midshoreabate.com

Caroline County
Director: Alan Cheezum 410-673-2746
Assistant Director: Bret Shortall 443-786-5010 bret.hitman@hotmail.com

Talbot County
Director: John Riggio 410-310-8660
Assistant Director: Pam Schultz 420-745-4381

Dorchester County
Director: Kathy Hays 410-673-2765 scooterchick68@yahoo.com

Queen Anne County
Director: John Riggio 410-310-8660

All Chapters Coverage
Event Coordinators: Pam Schultz 410-745-4381
Kathy Hays 410-673-2765 scooterchick68@yahoo.com
Tracey Cheezum 410-673-2746 traceyairmaint@yahoo.com

Legislative Director: Ray "Uncle Ray" Grodecki

Membership Director: Alan Cheezum 410-673-2746

Secretary: Kathy Hays 410-673-2765 scooterchick68@yahoo.com

Treasurer: Tracey Cheezum 410-673-2746

Awards Director: Paul Hays 410-714-0832 scooterchick68@yahoo.com
Assistant Awards Director: Bret Shortall 443-786-5010 bret.hitman@hotmail.com

Sergeant at Arms: Randy Flood, Kevin "Grimus" Parkinson
Assistant Sergeant at Arms: Pam Schultz

Road Captains: Randy Flood, Charlie "Buzzard" Cheezum, Gary Parkinson, Bob Wolf, Larry Albright

Montgomery County (Updated 30-Sep-2007)
Legislative Districts 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 39

Second Tuesday of the Month at 7:30 PM.
Jonathan’s Restaurant Grill and Pizzeria located at 820 Baltimore Rd, Rockville, MD 20851. (www.oursportspub.com)

Sharon Chasles: Director, 301-580-0873
Kim Miller: Assistant Director, kmmhd3@yahoo.com
Pat Settersten: Treasurer, cartenders@starpower.net
Tim DeArros: Secretary, timdearros@comcast.net

Northeastern Chapter (Cecil, Kent Counties) (Updated
Legislative Districts 6, 34, 35 and 36

Jumbo Jimmy's, 1065 Bainbridge Rd, Port Deposit MD. 21904
3rd Sunday of the Month @ 2pm.

Director:  Scott Trowbridge, 443-553-3554, e-mail: strowbridge4@yahoo.com
Legislative: Al Conrad, 410-378-2198, e-mail: liv2ride2@yahoo.com

Prince George's County (Updated 19-Oct-2008)
Legislative Districts 13, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27a

Chapter meets the 1st SATURDAY of every month at 10am at Precision Cycle Works in Beltsville off of Powder Mill Rd. Coffee and doughnuts provided!!

Director:  Charley Buckley (301) 604-6596, e-mail: harley_charley@yahoo.com
Assistant Director:  Jeff Jones 301-604-6922, MartySnarf@hotmail.com 
Legislative: Lynn Oldenburg 301-854-2130, 301-854-0891, sylvanlynn@verizon.net 

St Mary's County (Updated 30-Sep-2007)
Legislative District 29 

St. Mary’s County Chapter PO Box 317 California, MD 20619

Monthly Chapter Meetings are held at the VFW Post 2632 in California, MD on the 2nd Friday of each month.  Meetings start at 7:30 pm.

Director: John Robinson; 240-256-0653 - pasecretsquirrel@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Diana Casoni 301-373-3535
Admin Officer/Legislative - Toni Robinson 301-247-7656 - toni2000r@yahoo.com
Events Team: Matt Coleman - abate_somd_events@yahoo.com
    Dave Bradford - dammitdave45@gmail.com    
Membership: Debbie Russell
Public Relations: Sandy Yost 301-737-1287 - sandy_20634@yahoo.com
Sergeant At Arms: Robert Russell

Chapter Email:  ABATE_SoMD@yahoo.com


Washington County (Updated 11-Nov-2008)
Legislative District 2 and 3

Meeting Schedule and Location (As of Jan 2009):
The New Delmar Inn, Route 40 West of Hagerstown, MD. on the second Sunday of each month starting at 4 p.m.

Coordinator: Tuck Koontz 301-733-5536
Assistant Coordinator: Brad Shupp 301-9913868
Secretary: Susie Snow 301-824-3339
Treasurer: Laurie Pfeiffer 301-992-8767 email: LDPKLPDRP@aol.com
Membership: Laurie Pfeiffer 301-992-8767 email: LDPKLPDRP@aol.com
Newsletter: Judy Reese 301-733-2706 email: dj011698@aol.com
Products: Scott & Susie Snow 301-824-3339
Public Relations: Dana Shafer 301-733-5536
Legislative: Gary (Pappy) Boward 301-991-3629
Sergeants At Arms:
    Lewis Spigler 301-991-3868
    J C Rice 301-824-4135
    Tim Wright 240-461-2483
    Charlie Six 301-223-4539
    Todd Rachor 301-416-0637
    Bobby Verdier 301-992-6421
    Bob Price 301-371-8838

Worcester County (Updated 30-Sep-2007)
Legislative District 38


Legislative Advisor::  Dave "Prez" Presley, (410) 213-1237  e-mail: prez95ocmd@webtv.net